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Inbar十月 2019
Amazing. The festive atmosphere and the space itself were incredible, good ppl, great and energetic staff. The food was very good and you could feel that it was made with care and love.
Barbara九月 2019
Spectacular. This was one of the most fun and delicious meals we’ve had ever.
Antonia九月 2019
Nice evening with lovely company and good hosting, but the food was below our expectation. We saw great reviews online and expected to be wowed, but the main dish of the meat was chewy and unpleasant to eat. The roasted pumpkin was bitter and salty. The knafe was really nice and the vine leaf wheat cake too. But overall it’s an investment at 360 each and we left feeling disappointed.
Matthias九月 2019
Absolutely fantastic- I was the only tourist within 25 locals and felt so welcome from Keren&Yael and all other guests. Food was excellent and in a variety I’ve not expected. Thanks so much 🇮🇱

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